Financial / Trade Regulation

Multiple federal agencies oversee trade and finance. Understanding the specifics of each organization and its capabilities to regulate the flow of capital and goods worldwide can be challenging. Our experience working inside these organizations enables us to advise clients about the best course of action to avoid roadblocks and navigate regulatory investigations.


  • U.S. bank and financial institution regulation / supervision
  • Anti-money laundering (U.S. Bank Secrecy Act, USA PATRIOT Act)
  • Bank reorganization
  • Integration / reintegration into the world financial system
  • Capacity / institution-building / technical assistance for governmental agencies and international organizations
  • National implementation of international law (financial and trade regulation)
  • Foreign investments in the United States in sensitive sectors (CFIUS)


  • U.S. export and trade controls (civilian (BIS) and military (ITAR))
    • Classification requests
    • License applications
    • Enforcement and penalty defense
    • Interpretive guidance
    • Voluntary disclosures
    • Investigations
  • U.S. customs laws and regulations
  • Anti-corruption (FCPA)

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