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What We Do:

The Eren Law Firm is a leading economic sanctions boutique law firm based in Washington, D.C., comprised of lawyers who have served at the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the U.S. State Department. We are one of the world’s preeminent and most experienced firms in the area of economic sanctions.

Mr. Eren and Mr. Pinter advise and represent financial institutions, financial services companies, shipping and maritime interests, and other clients with respect to all aspects of OFAC-administered economic sanctions as well as U.S. anti-money laundering (AML) laws and regulations. They also design OFAC and AML compliance programs, conduct risk assessments for clients, and represent clients in applications for OFAC licenses (such as for the unblocking of funds / accounts and authorization for (exceptions to) prohibited transactions), OFAC and State Department interpretations, SDN list removal petitions, sanctions, anti-money laundering enforcement proceedings, and sanctions-related litigation and arbitration, among other matters.

In addition to economic sanctions, The Firm’s other areas of concentration and practice include corporate transactions, international dispute resolution, and international trade regulation. Clients from around the world include banks and financial institutions; insurance, reinsurance, and other financial services companies; natural resource extraction companies; industrial companies; marine, shipowners, and air transportation companies; sovereign governments; foreign state enterprises; individuals; and persons on the SDN list.

Since leaving OFAC, Mr. Eren and Mr. Pinter have devoted and continue to devote most of their time in private practice to economic sanctions issues and matters, particularly those involving Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. Mr. Pinter was OFAC’s Chief of Licensing for 17 years, during which time he was the chief arbiter of major OFAC decisions. Mr. Eren’s portfolio at the Treasury mainly involved issues and matters related to Iran and the successor states to the former Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Complemented by Mr. Comras, who was the Director of Economic Sanctions Policy during his tenure at the State Department, The Firm provides clients with unique insight and perspective on the policies underlying sanctions and helps clients see big-picture sanctions issues.

Our Expertise

Doing business presents complex challenges. Doing business internationally adds even more complexity, and it demands the navigation of not only domestic law and law of other countries in which business is or may be conducted, but also of any current treaties, agreements, and restrictions on trade and finance by economic sanctions. Laws and regulations may change during the course of a business transaction or investment project. If your organization currently operates internationally or is considering expanding beyond the borders of the U.S., then it is critical to have lawyers on your side who have the requisite international knowledge and skill to advise on the best course of action.

The Eren Law Firm is comprised of senior lawyers who possess unrivaled experience, extraordinary knowledge, and respected reputations. This legal expertise comes paired with familiarity and understanding of the business of their clients as well as an understanding and keen appreciation of how laws and regulations impact that business.

Among other matters, we assist clients with respect to:

  • Laws and regulations governing economic sanctions
  • Unblocking of frozen funds and other assets
  • Obtaining exceptions / licenses for transactions and activities that are prohibited
  • Risk assessments
  • The regulatory framework impacting our client’s business
  • Knowledge of prohibitions and restrictions affecting our clients and their activities (sanctions, export, and other trade controls)
  • Vigorous enforcement defense and resolution of disputes (litigation, arbitration)
  • Public and private international law (e.g., bilateral investment treaties or conflicts of law)

Contractual disputes between organizations or authorities in multiple countries can raise issues such as choice of law, interpretation of foreign law, and the enforcement of judgments. However, a carefully constructed contract can play a critical role, reduce risks, and give your business distinct advantages. For example, parties can include a clause indicating their choice of jurisdiction, i.e., where they would like any future dispute to be litigated. Your lawyer will craft agreements that include forum selection that is favorable to the needs and wants of your organization. There are limits, however, on the freedom of contract that parties are given to include terms into their agreement. In particular, clauses indicating where the parties to a contract want their disputes to be litigated may not always be controlling depending on the laws of the jurisdiction(s) involved and / or the nature of the dispute.

Further, even after taking feasible precautions when it comes to the formation of a contract, your organization may still run into trouble after the fact. Contractual disputes can arise for a few different reasons—a difference in interpretation of a material term of the contract by the parties, a change in circumstances in one or both of the parties, a manifest breach of contract, or a change in the applicable law governing the contract due to the actions of a sovereign or multiple sovereigns. Whatever contractual challenge you may be facing, an experienced international contract attorney can help you navigate through difficult times by framing your arguments in such a way as to maximize your chances of reaching your goals within the constraints of the law.

We are on your side.

International issues are multifaceted and multilayered. The treaties, agreements, and sanctions that govern the trade and investment activities of your business can be affected by changes in leadership, political unrest, conflicts, pandemics, and many other unforeseen circumstances. The failure to comply with relevant regulations can result in fines, sanctions, financial / economic loss, reputational damage, and other negative adverse outcomes, yet such changes can make compliance difficult. We provide you with the knowledge and experience to make the best, most efficient decisions to protect and advance your business.

The lawyers at The Eren Law Firm are recognized for their unrivaled experience in dealing with trans-jurisdictional and international matters. To benefit from The Firm’s experience and expertise, please reach out via email or call +1 202 429 9883.

Economic Sanctions, Anti-Money Laundering, Export Controls

The Eren Law Firm is comprised of lawyers with experience in the U.S. Treasury Department (OFAC), the U.S. State Department, and the U.S. Justice Department. Collectively, our lawyers have more than 80 years of experience dealing with international banking and financial issues, such as those that arise under economic sanctions and anti-money laundering laws.

We advise and represent clients in all aspects of U.S. economic sanctions, U.S. anti-money laundering laws, as well as U.S. export controls, and other U.S. financial and trade regulatory matters. Most importantly, we advise our clients of the compliance expectations of OFAC and other regulators.

Our core areas of expertise are economic sanctions; financial, investment, and trade regulations; corporate transactions; international litigation / arbitration; and international law.

We help clients comply with complex US, EU, UK, and multilateral UN economic sanctions, as well as laws, regulations, and government policy governing sanctions. We assist clients in cases involving, but not limited to:

  • Requests for legal opinions
  • The conduct of due diligence
  • Release of blocked or frozen funds / assets
  • The design of compliance programs and due diligence protocols
  • OFAC license applications and other requests for relief, such as interpretive guidance and exceptions to otherwise prohibited or restricted trade and transactions
  • The defense of clients in enforcement proceedings
  • Removal from the OFAC SDN list
  • Exports and reexports (commercial, dual-use, military items, and “deemed exports”)

International Litigation and International Arbitration

Businesses invest and transact globally, but foreign investments and transactions carry risks, including insufficient legal protection in emerging economies. Bilateral and multilateral trade agreements have provided some protection, but our clients depend on our expertise to obtain a fair resolution of any disputes in court or in arbitration.

In addition to helping clients resolve international disputes, we help clients prevent disputes from occurring in the first place. We analyze all relevant issues to ensure that our clients make well-informed decisions and take advantage of all relevant protections. Our lawyers have a combined 80 years of experience in the area of economic sanctions.

The lawyers at The Eren Law Firm are recognized for their unrivaled experience in dealing with trans-jurisdictional and international matters. To benefit from The Firm’s experience and expertise, please reach out via email or call +1 202 429 9883.

Recent Representative Experience by The Eren Law Firm

  • Served as an independent and neutral expert on U.S. economic sanctions law order in a London arbitration involving blocked cargo on board a U.S. controlled vessel to enable the tribunal to reach a fully-informed and accurate decision.
  • Advised a significant U.S. manufacturer in its co-development with Westinghouse of new technology to be utilized in the nuclear power generation sector. Negotiated contract with Westinghouse and advised on contractual language.
  • Designed and collateralized U.S. economic sanctions compliance programs and conducted a risk assessment for two major protection and indemnity insurers.
  • Designed and helped to implement a comprehensive U.S. economic sanctions and export control compliance program for the world’s largest courier company.
  • Advised Chinese shipowners and charterers regarding the impact of U.S. secondary sanctions on specific voyages.
  • Advised and represented (in conjunction with Canadian counsel) a European company regarding its acquisition of certain assets in Canada.
  • Advised and represented (in conjunction with Moroccan counsel) a European client with respect to divestiture from its investments in Morocco.
  • Advised the world’s largest independent oil trader on the global risks of its compliance program.
  • Retained by a major U.S. financial services company to conduct an internal investigation and assess its existing sanctions compliance program, followed by an overhaul of the company’s compliance program.
  • Provided ongoing U.S. economic sanctions compliance advice (Iran, Syria, Cuba, Sudan, and SDNs) on the permissibility of transactions and activities for several U.S., European, and Middle Eastern financial institutions, including the credit union of the United Nations.
  • Defended and resolved enforcement matters for a major U.S. and Canada-based manufacturer of construction equipment.
  • Settled an enforcement matter for a significant Dubai-based money transmitter in which the OFAC rescinded a $9 million pre-penalty notice.
  • Advised a client on its sanctions compliance program, the possible outcome, and the impact of a pending OFAC enforcement action before the company’s U.S. IPO.
  • Prepared disclosures to the SEC on behalf of a Greek shipowner’s activities in or with Iran.
  • Advised a client and its lender on its sanctions compliance program and on warranties, undertakings, and covenants limiting the use of funds in countries subject to U.S. sanctions.
  • Advised a business on the suitability of a listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in light of its past transactions with Iran.
  • Advised a major U.S. insurer regarding SEC Iran OGSR and Section 219 disclosure requirements.
  • Represented the CEO of an African natural resources company in connection with his appearance on the OFAC SDN list and petitioned successfully for his removal from the list.
  • Helped obtain OFAC licenses for two companies exporting and re-exporting U.S. origin aircraft and engines to Iran and Burma (Myanmar).
  • Represented a South Korean company before the OFAC for the release of blocked funds and, in a subsequent post-release of funds, a dispute about ownership of funds associated with an international funds transfer. Obtained judgment in Federal Court, recovering all funds against the U.S. blocking bank and competing claimant in client’s favor.
  • Defended an Iranian national accused of conspiring to violate the U.S. sanctions against Iran; the case was dismissed (criminal prosecution).
  • Defended an Asian company against potential criminal indictment for violating sanctions laws against Iran and convinced the DOJ not to pursue a criminal case.
  • Defended an Iranian citizen in connection with his arrest in France and the U.S. subsequent request for his extradition related to charges of violating U.S. sanctions against Iran.
  • Drafted and submitted an expert legal opinion to an Amsterdam court with respect to whether U.S. economic sanctions due diligence regarding oil trades conducted by two ABN Amro Group NV bankers in Dubai was proper and required; the legal opinion, submitted on behalf of the bankers, resulted in a victory and $1.41 million in compensation.
  • Served as an expert witness in a Stockholm arbitration proceeding resolving a dispute arising out of U.S. economic sanctions between a Finnish company and the German subsidiary of a major U.S. industrial company.
  • Served as an expert witness in a U.S. federal criminal trial of a U.S. citizen accused of violating the U.S. sanctions against an SDN.
  • Advised a U.S. and Chinese company in connection with the Chinese company’s purchase of certain U.S. assets (CFIUS-Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States).
  • Provided regular advice to several U.S. companies on compliance with sanctions against Russia.
  • Obtained OFAC licenses for oil rigs previously deployed in Iran.
  • Advised a significant U.S. litigation law firm on compliance with Iran sanctions.
  • Regularly represented companies and individuals for OFAC licensing of their blocked funds.
  • Represented entities against U.S. dollar-clearing banks for wrongful blocking.
  • Represented several Russian entities and individuals and work with their Russian lawyers regarding removal from the SDN list.