The Eren Law Firm is comprised of lawyers who possess unrivaled experience, knowledge, and respected reputations in sanctions and global trade law. This legal expertise comes paired with the knowledge and understanding of our clients’ businesses, as well as a mastery and keen appreciation of the laws and regulations that impact their operations. Here’s a closer look at our offerings.

Laws and Regulations Affecting International or Cross-Jurisdictional Commercial and Private Activities, Transactions, Assets, and Opportunities

Conducting business internationally adds an additional layer of complexity, demanding the

the navigation of not only domestic law and law of other countries in which business is or may be conducted, but also of any current treaties, agreements, and restrictions on trade and finance by economic sanctions.

If your organization currently operates internationally or has plans to expand beyond U.S. borders, it’s in your best interest to partner with our legal team and leverage our vast international knowledge. You can count on us to help you design, implement, and test export controls and sanctions compliance programs that effectively protect against trade and regulatory risk.

Disputes, Supervening Illegality

Contractual disputes between organizations or authorities in multiple countries may raise issues such as choice of law, interpretation of foreign law, and the enforcement of judgments. However, a carefully constructed contract can play a critical role, reduce risks, and give your business distinct advantages. For example, parties can choose to include a clause indicating their choice of jurisdiction, i.e., where they would like any future dispute to be litigated.

Our seasoned lawyers can then craft strategic agreements that include forum selection that is favorable to the needs and wants of your organization. Keep in mind that there are limits, however, on the freedom of contract that parties are given to include terms into their agreement. In particular, clauses indicating where the parties to a contract want their disputes to be litigated may not always be controlling depending on the laws of the jurisdiction(s) involved and / or the nature of the dispute.

Contracts and Relationships

Even if you take feasible precautions while formatting a contract, your organization may run into trouble after the fact.Contractual disputes can arise for a few different reasons—a difference in interpretation of a material term of the contract by the parties, a change in circumstances in one or both of the parties, a manifest breach of contract, or a change in the applicable law governing the contract due to the actions of a sovereign or multiple sovereigns.

Whatever contractual challenge you may be facing, rest assured that our experienced international contract attorneys can guide you through difficult times by framing your arguments in a way that allows you to meet your goals within the constraints of the law. Our practical, tailored advice may be just what you need to overcome obstacles and move forward.

Our Lawyers

The Eren Law Firm is comprised of lawyers who possess unrivaled experience, knowledge, and respected reputations. This legal expertise comes paired with knowledge and understanding of the business of their clients, as well as an understanding and keen appreciation of how laws and regulations impact that business.