Dispute Resolution / Litigation

Disputes are inevitable in a competitive global environment. A dispute resolution lawyer from our firm understands the complexity and hidden costs of litigation. We use alternative dispute resolution techniques to our clients’ advantage. At The Eren Law Firm, we have worked with various entities, including members of the International Fortune 500, to find constructive resolutions to disagreements.

Litigation and Arbitration

US Courts, US Administrative Proceedings and International Arbitration

  • Sovereign claims / defense
  • Plaintiff and defense representations (commercial matters)
  • Criminal and civil defense (financial transactions)
  • ICSID / World Bank arbitration (international commercial and investment disputes)
  • International judicial assistance


US Executive Branch Agencies

  • Representation, advice, and advocacy for matters implicating law and foreign policy
  • Petitions and advocacy for various regulatory approvals
  • Administrative proceedings

US Immigration and Consular Matters

  • US Visas / Immigration Status (corporate)

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