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Foreign Embassies & Governments



Representing and Advising Foreign Embassies and Governments in Washington , DC

The Eren Law Firm’s capabilities extend to representing and advising foreign embassies and governments in Washington, DC. Comprised of lawyers who have served at the US Treasury Department, US State Department and US Justice Department for many years, the Firm’s lawyers have a unique combination of strengths, knowledge, qualifications and capabilities particularly applicable to issues and matters of concern to foreign embassies in Washington such as:

  • Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities, e.g., the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of the United States, the Foreign Relations Law of the United States, and other current as well as pending US and international laws and conventions affecting foreign embassies and their governments
  • all aspects of Consular Relations and Activities, including but not limited to banking relationships and financial transactions
  • Real Estate acquisition and transactions, location and status of embassies, real property
  • Communication and Interaction with the US Congress, the US Administration (including US federal administrative agencies such as the US Treasury Department, the US State Department, and the US Commerce Department)
  • Communication and Interaction with the US Business Community
  • Public Relations, image and capacity-building

To learn more about The Eren Law Firm’s experience, knowledge, and capabilities with respect to issues that confront foreign embassies, please visit or contact Hal Eren directly at tel. + 1 202 429 9883 or via e-mail at:

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Practice Brief