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January 21, 2014

US and EU Temporary Suspension of Sanctions Ė Iran Documents

Eren Lawyers - Economic Sanctions Update, US Sanctions: Iran

Legal Document 1 (OFAC and US Department of State)

Legal Document 2 (OFAC)

Legal Documents 3 (OFAC)

Eren Lawyers - Economic Sanctions Update, EU Sanctions: Iran

Legal Document 1(Council Decision)

Legal Document 2 (Council Regulation)

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The Eren Law Firm is a boutique firm based in Washington, DC. Economic sanctions are a core area of the Firmís practice. The Firmís clients from around the world include, among others, banks and financial institutions; insurance, reinsurance and other financial services companies; multinational corporations; sovereign governments and state enterprises; and individuals.

Mr. Pinter and Mr. Eren of the Firm served at the U.S. Treasuryís Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the US government agency that administers and enforces US economic sanctions, for a combined 25 years prior to entering private law practice, respectively 7 and 9 years ago. While at OFAC, Mr. Eren and Mr. Pinter participated in analyses and deliberations with respect to ISA sanctions -triggering investment in Iran by Total, Gazprom, and Petronas. Mr. Pinter was OFACís Chief of Licensing for 17.5 years and was a prime arbiter of all major OFAC decisions. Prior to entering private law practice, Mr. Comras of the Firm, a former diplomat of the United states, served at the US State Department, where he was in charge of numerous economic sanctions programs and issues, most notably in the context of the past multilateral sanctions against the former Yugoslavia and those against Iraq. For more information about the Firm, please visit:

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