Eren Lawyers Expertise

Economic / Financial / Trade Sanctions preeminent expertise

US Treasury OFAC-administered sanctions (executive orders, statutes, regulations)

  • Advice, Opinions, Interpretations, Guidance
    • Prohibitions and Requirements
    • Exemptions
    • Licenses and Exceptions
    • Questions of Jurisdiction
    • Compliance Policies and Programs, Compliance Training
    • Due Diligence
    • Conflicts of Sanctions Laws (international)
    • Reporting
    • Advice on Complex Issues Facing Banks and Financial Services Companies
      • U.S. Banks, U.S. Branches of Foreign Banks, Foreign Banks,  Broker-Dealers, Investment Banks, Insurance Companies
      • Intersection/Interplay of Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Laws
    • Advice, Representation, Advocacy
      • License Applications and Other Sanctions Relief
        • (trade and financial transactions/activities, blocked funds and contracts)
      • Requests for Interpretive Guidance
      • Internal Investigations/Look-Backs
      • Compliance Audits & Testing
      • Enforcement and Penalty Defense (civil and criminal)
        • Formal Administrative Proceedings, Negotiations/Informal Settlements
        • Litigation
      • Voluntary Disclosures
      • Blacklist (SDN or OFAC List) Removal Petitions
      • Protection of Assets and Preparation for Post-Sanctions Situations
      • Claims, Claims Settlement, Expropriation Issues, Satisfaction of Judgments

US Helms-Burton Sanctions (Cuba)

  • Advice, Opinions, Guidance, Representation
  • Advice on Conflicts of Laws

US Iran Sanctions Act Sanctions

  • Advice, Opinions, Guidance, Representation

UK, EU, Canadian and Other Countermeasures to US Sanctions

  • Advice, Opinions, Guidance
  • Advice on Conflicts of Laws